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MasterSandman II Boots

Randy Rhoads Compilation (1978-1982)
Lossless Audio
Good Traders
Bad Traders

Date: Various Dates
Location: Various Locations
Source: Pro & Audience
Video Quality: A
Audio Quality: A
Number of Discs: 1
Video Format: NTSC
Menus: Yes
This pretty cool. It's nice to have at least some footage with Randy Rhoads playing with Ozzy and to have it all in one place. The audience sources are crappy quality but that's okay. Rest in Peace, Randy.
04.28.1981 - New York, New York:
I Don't Know
Suicide Solution
Ozzy Interview
Mr. Crowley
Crazy Train
05.02.1981 - New York, New York:
I Don't Know
Crazy Train
01.24.1982 - Chicago, Illinois:
Over the Mountain
Mr. Crowley
Crazy Train
Revelation (Mother Earth)
Steal Away (The Night)
MTV Newsclip - Randy wins Best New Guitarist Award

Entertainment Tonight Clip

LA Rock Report

2 On The Town

Letterman - March 22, 1982

Crazy Train - video

Quiet Riot - September 22, 1979 [Picking Up The Pieces, 1 In A Million, Slick Black Cadillac]

Quiet Riot - October 26, 1979 [Randy Solo]

Soundcheck - February 18, 1982

Quiet Riot - Picking Up The Pieces - video